On the Lookout

 We are the New Mexico Gunfighters Association and we are on the lookout for events, big and small, that we can come hootin’ and howlering to and stir up some family-friendly ruckus. If you know of an event or are planning a special event, contact us so we can load up and make plans to ride out there and bring a flare and uniqueness to the event. 

We are available for hire and would love to embark on your event and leave some lasting memories for your guests. We will have six – eight Gunfighters casted as various characters to include Sheriff, Deputy, Saloon Girl, Church Lady, Outlaws and other miscellaneous cowboy roles. Our shows last from 15 – 20 minutes. We can modify the length of the shows and if requested, include some local history and historic characters from the area. 


As an option, we have a handmade wooden town that we can bring with us. Our town includes an Old West Bank, Jailhouse & Sheriff’s Office and a prop Outhouse. The town adds a bit of creativity to our performances. We will make ourselves available before and after every show for pictures and meet-n-greet with your quests. 

Our number one priority is Gun Safety. We have many safety protocols and regulations in place.  We never use live ammo. We only use blanks. We rope off the staging area to keep both ourselves and of course, the audience, safe.  All of our Gunfighters are well-trained in safety. If someone, such as a small child, crosses the rope into our staging area, all of our actors are prepared to stop the show in progress.  

If you have any questions for us, check out our FAQ page or contact us.  We will love to work with you on planning for your event by having us come out and give your attendees some shows they will never forget. 

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