Gunfighter Emeritus

Once a Gunfighter….Always a Gunfighter

The New Mexico Gunfighters Association has been in existence since 1979. As you can guess, being that our organization has been around for a long time, we have had many Gunfighters throughout the years come and go. Some have retired. Some have passed away. Some have bowed out due to health reasons. No matter what the reason, they are always remembered for being a huge special part of our lives and of our Gunfighter Family. We miss and love each one of our following Gunfighter Emeritus. Each of these Gunfighters contributed greatly to our success and growth.

Michael Wiggins

Our Founding Member and Badge #1 – Michael Wiggins

Photo of the Four Founding Members

J. Darrell Cox

J. Darrell Cox, Gunfighter Emeritus

Deb Young, passed away from cancer.

She performed with the Gunfighters until the very end.

Dakota James & Miss Deb

Mark Thompson, M. T. Pockets

M. T. Pockets (Mark Thompson) and Chester Moon

J. P. Garrett

New Mexico Gunfighters Association Group Photo
New Mexico Gunfighters Group Photo – J.P. Garrett is in the back.