The New Mexico Gunfighters Association take pride in making our performances resemble the wild west as much as possible, so our audience can get the feeling of being in an Old Wild West town. One of the ways we achieve that is with the use of our handmade wooden wild west town to include a bank, a jailhouse, saloon, and an outhouse (not real).
When you hire us for your event, you have the option to include our town. We will bring the entire town with us when we come hooting and hollering to your event. We will set up the town prior to our performances and photo opportunities and at the conclusion of your event, we will take the town down. Many of our previous clients have reported favorable outcomes and responses when the option to use the town is included with their bookings. For more information about what is included in our booking(s) and the optional use of our town, feel free to reach out to us.

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