Greetings friends and family of the New Mexico Gunfighters Association! On Sunday February 12, 2023, the New Mexico Gunfighters had a get together in Santa Fe, New Mexico at one of the Board Members home. We held our annual first season meeting to discuss many items to include: 

  • New Gun Safety Protocols because Gun Safety is our NUMBER ONE priority. 
  • Updating our scripts to add new humor, additional lines and more
  • Our nearly revamped website. Check it out. 
  • We are changing our first showtime to HIGH NOON. 
  • Making sure we have proper insurance
  • Getting additional sponsors
  • Paying gigs that we are looking into, Contact us if you want to book us for your next event.
  • For being an active Gunfighter and playing major roles on a regular basis, the New Mexico Gunfighters Association gives badges out to those who have earned it. 
  • We once worked at the International Balloon Festival. We plan on trying to get booked again for this paying gig. We made good money and we received excellent awareness to include television exposure and other media. 
  • Remembering our lines and slowing down our lines. Remember to speak loudly and clearly and face the audience. 
  • Our plans are moving forward to make Season 2023 a great season. 
  • And more…..

After the meeting, the Gunfighters enjoyed a potluck feast and socialized with each other. Our season runs from March to October every year. Thus, from fall of last year to this first meeting,  we had not seen one another. So, it was fun to chat and get caught up on what is new with everyone. The feast included homemade spicy chili, cornbread, gazpacho, which is a Spanish cold soup, fresh fruit, chips and salsa and cold sodas and water bottles. 

After the meeting, we got into our costumes and went outside to do some filming and create  video promotions for the NMGA. It was a gorgeous day, perfect for our video promotions. Each Member of our group that was at the meeting spoke certain lines and we made videos of the whole group to include just the Lady Gunfighters as well as the Outlaws and other cowboy roles. We will have those videos edited and ready for you to view shortly, so stay tuned and check back with us. 

The New Mexico Gunfighters Association has been in existence since 1976. Some of us weren’t even born then. Some of us were still children. However, we all grew up loving history and the theater and being a part of something special, something unique, something that like-minded individuals can come together and create together. 
If you have an event coming up that you feel our comical theatrical performance group should be a part of, reach out to us. We have performed all over New Mexico and parts of Arizona to include Tombstone, Arizona, the town too tough to die. We are available for hire for both small and large events, and we would love to ride into your town and cause some family-friendly ruckus. What do you say? Are you ready to book us?

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