New Mexico Gunfighters Association


1). How do I become a member of NMGA?
     Send an email to: or call (505) 750-1735 for more info.

2). Is the group available for hire?
     Yes, email the above address for additional info.

3). How long has the group existed?
     Since 1979 the group has been part of the Old Town tradition in Albuquerque.

4). Have any of your members been in the movies?
     Yes, several of our members are professional actors in the movie business.

5). Where does the group perform?
     Mostly in Old Town of Albuquerque but we have also played shows around the southwest, including the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona.

6). Does the group have a youtube page?
     Yes, click on the following link:

7). What about a facebook page?
     Yes, click the following link:

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